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Service Provider Membership

FLAIA Service Provider Membership offers many benefits. We have a systematic process that we built out for you that helps you spread your word and generate reverse inquiries or requests for more information.

FLAIA’s annual membership consists of the following benefits:

  • Access to all FLAIA conferences for the next 12 months for up to two individuals from your firm
  • Press release to FLAIA database introducing you and your firm
  • Opportunities to sponsor 2 FLAIA events, including moderator or panel speaking slot and logo recognition on all FLAIA event materials
  • Video footage of conference speaking engagements for future distribution
  • Introductions to other alternative investment members of FLAIA
  • Email campaign to FLAIA database of 746,000+ highlighting your value proposition and service offering
  • Company logo & URL on FLAIA website and event marketing materials
  • Personalized business referrals to FLAIA members and sponsors
  • Advertisement in the quarterly FLAIA newsletter

Below is a list of FLAIA’s hosted and co-hosted events for 2020:

May 19th & 20th – Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt Forum (Digital Event)

June 23rd & 24th – Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt Forum (Digital Event)

July 16th – Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt Forum (Digital Event)

October – Meetings of the Americas (Digital & Traditional)

December – Global Macro Perspective 2021 (Digital & Traditional)

Bi-monthly private investor dinners

Past Events


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    • Jeremy Johnson

      Digital Growth Master

      Jeremy has 10+ years of experience as a lead web developer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. As the head of FinTech/Web Development of FLAIA, Jeremy is responsible for hosting digital events, managing the website and onboarding new technological solutions for FLAIA members and community. He has previous experience in state level government legislative policies where he partook on various consulting projects for state elected officials on new/emerging technology.

      Since the early 2017, Jeremy has been a strong believer of Blockchain Technology and has been investing in the space ever since. He is a DeFi user and has been supporting the Blockchain community by being a host & moderator for various Blockchain & Cryptocurrency panels and Q&A sessions and spreading its impact to the alternative investment community around the globe.



    FLAIA is an open access platform of alternative investments for institutions, wealth advisors, family offices, RIAs, and accredited investors. General Partners gain access to a vertically integrated digital & traditional fintech marketplace. Investors gain access to special opportunities, educational webcasts and digital events. All of our digital events, educational content and alternative investment opportunities are available in one place under a single sign on.