Who We Are

The Florida Alternative Investment Association (FLAIA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization created to establish Florida as an internationally leading center for Alternative Investment management.

Our Mission

Our mission spans a broad-range of areas including Community Building, Education, Branding, Capital Attraction, Business Attraction, and Policy Optimization. Our ultimate goal is to articulate the State of Florida’s impressive strengths as a center for Alternative Investment management and systematically strengthen the state’s Alternative Investment “ecosystem” over time.

Community Building


Provide a forum in which Florida-based Alternative Investment managers can benefit from each other’s expertise and identify ways in which FLAIA can help further the objectives of our members.

  • Quarterly networking events
  • Full-featured association website with:
  • Industry news
  • Member articles/blogs
  • Job opportunities
  • Registry of local service providers
  • Partnerships with important affiliates
  • Managed Funds Association (MFA)
  • CFA Institute
  • CT Hedge Fund Association
  • New York Hedge Fund Round Table
  • Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts Association
  • Membership registry
  • List of upcoming events

Industry & Community Education

Provide association members access to the latest news and developments affecting the Alternative Investment industry as well as play a key role in educating and informing Floridians on the important role that Alternative Investments can play in Florida’s economic future.

  • Member educational events focusing on:
  • Macro-economic trends and trajectories
  • Alternative Investment and risk management models and strategies
  • The evolving regulatory landscape
  • Research tools and service providers
  • Operational controls and risk management
  • Investor relations and performance reporting
  • Community educational events focusing on:
  • The Alternative Investment industry’s role in the driving job creation across Florida
  • VC, P.E., and Hedge Fund enabled business success stories across Florida
  • Alternative Investment role in increasing public investment fun returns at lower levels of risk

Brand Building

Leverage Florida’s pro-business policies, world-class infrastructure, diverse talent base, and attractive lifestyle to establish Florida as a leading center for Private Equity (P.E.), Venture Capital (VC), and Hedge Fund management.

  • Creation of a cohesive and integrated brand that establishes Florida as a leading center for Alternative Investment management
  • Leverage partner industry groups (MFA, CFA Institute, New York Hedge Fund Round Table, etc.) to establish the Florida Alternative industry brand regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Partner with the state’s Economic Development team to reinforce the state’s brand as a leading center for Alternative Investment management
  • Leverage broad range of media (print, television, radio, social media, web, etc.) to build and reinforce Florida’s Alternative Investment management brand

Capital Attraction


Connect Florida-based investment managers and business owners with the sources of capital and assets needed to grow their businesses, invest in innovation, strengthen their regional and international competitiveness, and accelerate job creation across the State of Florida.

  • External capital acquisition “road-shows” (New York, Connecticut, Chicago, LA, San Fran, etc.)
  • Early-stage “Angel”, P.E., and V.C. business funding pitch sessions
  • Entrepreneurial enablement seminars focused on optimizing the funding prospects for early-stage ventures
  • Partner with Florida economic development groups to identify targeted investment opportunities in high growth Florida industries and firms
  • Identify opportunities to fund ventures that address critical “Value Chain” gaps in Florida’s strategic industry clusters

Business Attraction


Leverage FLAIA’s access to capital and broad financing expertise to attract both financial and non-financial firms to the state of Florida, as well as acting as a catalyst for growth and increased competitiveness for the state’s strategic clusters.

  • Partner with FLAIA V.C. and P.E. members to relocate emerging firms and create sustainable jobs within the State of Florida
  • Partner with the state’s Economic Development resources to structure financing necessary to fund business relocation efforts
  • Host targeted business attraction road shows in key markets (New York, Connecticut, Chicago, LA, San Fran, etc.)
  • Play key role in recruiting investment managers and other firms that align with the states strategic cluster development strategy

Brand Building


Assist Florida government decision makers in their efforts to establish an alternative investment regulatory framework while ensuring that Florida remains an attractive center for Alternative Investment management. In addition, significant effort will be made to identify ways in which Alternative Investment strategies can play an important role in accelerating the state’s economic growth and job creation efforts.

  • Partner with governmental decision makers to establish the optimal state-level regulatory framework for the Alternative Investment industry in Florida
  • Partner with public and private pension funds to generate higher yields via targeted use of Alternative Investment strategies
  • Partner with state Economic Development groups to accelerate the growth of the state’s strategic industry clusters
  • Partner with the Managed Funds Association (MFA) to influence national regulatory issues impacting the Florida Alternative Investment community

Our Values

The FLAIA’s mission has been designed to serve the needs of our members and the communities in which we live and work by:

Fund Managers


  • Building bridges between Alternative Investment managers and large sources of capital
  • Facilitating capital acquisition efforts by establishing Florida as a leading center for Alternative Investment management
  • Representing Florida-based fund manager’s perspectives and needs as they relate to Regulatory reform efforts underway within the state
  • Improving the breadth and quality of the fund management service provider network within Florida

Investor Members


  • Creating a peer-driver forum for “Cross-Pollination” of Alternative Investment strategies and risk management best practices
  • Providing insight into Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Hedge Fund strategies structured to capture evolving market opportunities
  • Providing an opportunity to play an integral role in strengthening the Alternative Investment industry within the state of Florida
  • Partnering with the FLAIA and peer members to accelerate economic growth and job creation across the state

Florida Residents


  • Providing a “jump start” to job creation efforts across the state of Florida
  • Strengthening the competitiveness and growth prospects of the state’s strategic industry clusters
  • Improving the fiscal solvency of the state, its key agencies, and the 1 MM+ beneficiaries of the Florida Retirement System (FRS)
  • Assisting in the creation of a Florida-specific regulatory framework that serves the interests of the investment, investor, and non-investor community