Past Events

April 16, 2024
Unlocking the Future: The Exclusive Strong Interactive Summit for High-Net-Worth Innovators
Discover Web 3 Innovation: From Immersive Experiences to Unparalleled Value Creation in Sports, Entertainment, Art and HospitalityJoin us at the illustrious "Unlocking the Future: The Exclusive Strong Interactive Summit for High-Net-Worth Innovators," a premier gathering designed for elite investors and visionaries eager to explore the forefront of Web 3 technologies. This unique summit offers an inside look at how Strong Interactive leverages cutting-edge advancements in Mixed Reality, Blockchain Tokenization and Artificial Intelligence to craft innovative solutions that span the sports, entertainment, fine art, and hospitality sectors. Delve into the first-mover advantages created by cutting-edge technology solutions, underscoring the pivotal role of early innovators in shaping the future of digital interaction and commerce.Drawing insights from the pioneering work and perspectives of Jonathan Herman, founder of Baller Mixed Reality and Top 20 leader in Web 3 (AKA Semantic Web), Augmented Reality, small Artificial Intelligence companies, small Blockchain companies, the Metaverse, and more (according to Crunchbase as of March 2024), this discussion will illuminate Jonathan's approach to reshaping the $370 Billion collectibles market, with broader applications in digital content creation, consumer engagement, and branded ecosystems to maximize long-term value.Be informed, equipped, and inspired by the transformative potential of Web 3 technologies.