Manager Membership

FLAIA Manager Membership offers many benefits.  Our platform is built on the promise of efficiently and effectively finding interested capital so you can tell your story and grow assets.  We have a systematic process that we built out for you that helps you spread your word and generate reverse inquiries or requests for more information.

FLAIA’s Annual Membership Benefits Includes

Traditional Marketing:
•  Access to all FLAIA conferences for the next 12 months for up to two individuals from your firm
•  Opportunities for speaking and sponsorship at 1 FLAIA event, including logo recognition on all FLAIA event materials
•  Video footage of conference speaking engagements for future distribution

Digital Marketing:

•  Email campaign to FLAIA database of 745,000+ highlighting your value proposition and service offering
•  Listing on the FLAIA Market Place
•  Webinar
•  Recording of Webinar
•  Live Stream Webinar with Full Visual and Audio Recording to brand your Company listing on the FLAIA Market Place
•  Email Blasts Linking Back to Market Place
•  Information on Clicks from Constant Contact
•  Reverse Inquiry Lead Generation
•  Company logo & URL on FLAIA website and event marketing materials

Below is a list of FLAIA’s hosted and co-hosted events for 2020:
March 2020 – FLAIA Real Estate & Direct Lending Forum (Digital Event)
May 2020 – FLAIA ABC Forum (Digital Event)
July 2020 – Real Estate & Direct Lending Forum (NYC)
October 2020 – Meetings of the Americas
December 2020 – Global Macro Perspective
Bi-monthly private investor dinners

Past Events