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Investor Membership

FLAIA’s Investor Members receive access to our investor where screening and the due diligence process begins. We host 8 thematic events events and a five part digital series on Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt that allow investors the ability to learn from and meet with fund managers that they are interested in. We also host 8 Private Investor Dinners which our Investor Members are invited to participate in. Investors Members will receive regular updates on new and existing investment opportunities. Private Investor presentations are 15 minutes each then followed by 5 minutes of group Q&A, opportunity evaluation and a feedback session. Our investor dinners are offered to Members Only and consist of a group of principal investors, single family offices and institutional investors in order to provide a confidential, unbiased environment for discussing current investment ideas. We also encourage each of our Investor Members to speak at and engage in the investment due diligence process at each of our integrated events and through of digital platform.



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