“Understanding this Rare Opportunity in Real Estate”

By Mike Mangione – Director, Family Office & Advisor Relations and Lisa Forster VP, Family Office & Advisor Relations, Group RMC

Group RMC is one of the largest private office landlords in the US with over 18 million square feet across 12 States and expects to capitalize on enormous upcoming opportunities.

Mike Mangione and Lisa Forster from Group RMC will report from the office real estate trenches and speak to how the 18 million square foot office portfolio has fared during the pandemic, as a major real estate owner in non-gateway markets. In addition to providing the pulse of office real estate, Group RMC will share why the next few years will be an opportunity of a lifetime to acquire real estate due to a few factors.

Discussion Points:

  • REITs facing massive cash crunch and in need of rescue financing
  • Distressed institutions in need of liquidity unwilling to realize large losses in public securities and forced to sell high quality real estate assets
  • End-of-life private equity funds forced to sell good assets to wind-up and realize performance fees

Group RMC value-oriented strategy and permanent capital structure allows the group to buy discounted assets from forced sellers in less liquid markets. By purchasing an asset for a low basis, the buyer can take advantage of a competitive edge to comparable deals in a given market. Furthermore, not being forced to sell on a certain disposition date allows Group RMC to sell only when values are high and scrap the traditional “2% and 20%” fee structure. In this webinar, Group RMC will speak to which factors are hugely important when considering real estate when implemented correctly, can result in forming a legacy investment that will continue to provide income into the next generation.

Mike Mangione – Director, Family Office & Advisor Relations

Michael is the Director of Family Offices and Advisor Relations at Group RMC. He is responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining business relationships with Family Offices and Investment Advisors. He is also responsible for marketing the business in Canada and in the US. Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in accounting from Concordia University. He holds the CPA, CMA designation.

Lisa Forster – VP, Family Office & Advisor Relations

Lisa Forster joined Group RMC in 2019 as an Vice President, Advisor Relations where she represents and markets the firm’s investment strategy to prospective investment partners across the United States. Prior to joining Group RMC, Lisa worked in the Equity Division of Time Equities Inc. where she was responsible for marketing and distributing Time Equities’ real estate investment opportunities through private and institutional investor networks. At Time Equities, she gained experience syndicating new acquisitions that spanned across a broad range of asset classes and geographies. Lisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with Minors in Business and Communications from Villanova University.

Group RMC is a real estate co-investment group that specializes in acquiring and holding large, institutional-quality office properties primarily in the Midwest and Southeast. Group RMC focuses on acquiring high income-producing office buildings with 8% – 10% cap rates and at a 40% – 60% discount to replacement value. Today, Group RMC represents over $2 billion AUM across 18 million square feet and has become some of the largest landlords in Memphis, Kansas City, Columbus, Indianapolis, and suburban Chicago.