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Topic: “The case for a Global Emerging Market Bonds”

Time: August 18, 2020 at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time

In today’s low interest rate world, emerging market bonds have the potential to provide a higher level of yield compared to their developed market counterparts.

  • High Yielding Asset Classes Remain Well Bid
  • Challenges Ahead
  • EM Risks & Opportunities
  • Lower for longer to trigger yield chasing among investors
  • Fallen Angel – An opportunity to earn alpha

Clarion is a specialized asset manager with a focus on global fixed income. The firm was born with over 20 years of management´s experience with fixed income, leveraged on a lifetime developing global relationships in the emerging world. We have launched the Clarion Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund in congruence with our origins, networks and expertise to capitalize on opportunities in the international debt markets.


Guillermo Bauder – Managing Director

Began his career in 1993 as a floor broker in the Caracas Stock Exchange for the broker dealer of Grupo Confinanzas while studying Business Administration in the Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas. He later transferred to the Local Fixed Income area and thereafter to the International Fixed Income area. In 1998 was Foreign Associate in Peru for North American Institutional Brokers covering US Equity institutional clientes. In 2000 he joined FTC Securities as Foreign Associate for Latin America, in charge of developing US Equity and Fixed Income for institutional clientes. In 2003 he joined forces with Convencao, a brazilian broker dealer, to develop their international division offering Futures, Commodities, US Equities and International Fixed Income to institutional clientes. In 2007 he founded an Emerging Markets international fixed income boutique, Galloway Capital Management, where he served as managing director and portfolio manager until late 2014. He has lived in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, United States and Canada and is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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