James Trapp

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James is a keynote speaker, author, and strategic advisor to individuals and organizations.

 His mission is to inspire people to unleash the highest version of themselves, so they achieve their most audacious personal and organizational goals.

 James has culled from his various careers - CEO of an international nonprofit, trial attorney, and spiritual leader - a diverse set of skills that have coalesced to give him a unique perspective to support:

• Executives seeking to up-level their leadership game

• Leaders and managers who want to create highly effective teams in our increasingly diverse and global workplaces

• Speakers – whether inexperienced or seasoned – intent on becoming influential communicators.

The foundational piece of all his work it to create the right mindset. With our world undergoing one of the most significant paradigm shifts in contemporary history, technical expertise and know-how is crucial but insufficient to navigate this change. A transforming mindset is essential to traverse today’s complex, fast-paced, diverse, and global marketplace.

By applying mindset principles, James has been able to:

• Develop the ability to see the best in people in their worst of circumstances

• Inspire a core group of people to grow a stagnant nonprofit community and 4X its membership and 10X its annual revenue

• Up-level leadership skills to rebrand and refocus a sprawling international non-profit association by applying the principles of Enlightened Leadership and creating highly effective teams

• Go from being someone who avoided public speaking become one of the most effective speakers in his field. This journey not only helped him develop the tools needed to become a sought-after inspirational speaker but also well served him to coach others to improve their leadership and communication skills vastly.

James has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton University, a Law Degree from the University of Florida, and a Master's in Theology from Unity Institute.

Past Speaking Events

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance: ESG Truth or Tale?
    February 16, 2023
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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