Using Collective Power

to Achieve Greater

Long-Term Success


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Formed in 2007, The Florida Alternative Investment Association (formerly South Florida Hedge Fund Managers) is an exclusive not-for-profit trade association, dedicated to informing and uniting the growing population of Florida’s Alternative Investment cluster. Our goals are to:


Connect Alternative Investment fund managers, investors, service providers, and community members.


Inform members of the investment community of the value and opportunities that the Alternative Investment industry provides.


Establish Florida’s brand as an internationally leading center for Alternative Investment management.


Enable Florida-based fund managers to attract significant sources of investment capital.


Grow the Alternative Investment industry within Florida as well as the early-stage businesses for whom our industry is a primary source of funding.


Advise Florida government policy makers regarding regulatory and investment policy likely to impact the long-term solvency of the state and its relative competitiveness.


By uniting forces, our collective power can help members of the local Alternative Investment community achieve peak performance and greater long-term success.

Let’s grow our businesses together.