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Investment & Stock Exchange ABOUT FLAIA Formed in 2007, FLAIA is an exclusive not-for-profit, dedicated to informing and uniting the alternative investment community through education, digital events & our global marketplace of alternative investment opportunities. VIEW DETAILS

Open access platform of alternative investments for institutions, wealth advisors, family offices, RIAs, and accredited investors.  General Partners gain access to a vertically integrated digital & traditional fintech marketplace and public relations system. Investors gain access to special opportunities and all relevant due diligence materials in one place. Our goals are to:


Connect Alternative Investment fund managers, investors, service providers, and community members.


Inform members of the investment community of the value and opportunities that the Alternative Investment industry provides.


Establish a leading marketplace for Alternative Investments & Alternative Investment education.


Enable best of breed fund managers, deals & operating businesses to attract the right investment partners.


Grow the global Alternative Investment industry.


Advise stakeholder regarding regulatory and investment policy likely to impact the long-term solvency of the industry and its relative competitiveness.


By uniting forces, our collective power can help members of the GLOBAL Alternative Investment community achieve peak performance and greater long-term success.

Let’s grow our businesses together.