Unearthing Hidden Gems: Discover the Future of Multi-Family Beach Living in Florida's Undervalued Coastal Towns

Hosted by Beach Life Properties
October 12, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Dive in with Beach Life Properties (BLP), the trailblazers in the commercial residential arena, as they unearth the hidden treasures of Florida's burgeoning beach towns. Tailored for discerning family offices and accredited investors, this session illuminates unparalleled opportunities within the multi-family real estate domain. While South Florida has reveled in capital appreciation for the past thirty years, numerous beach locales remain on the brink of explosive growth. The BLP experts will unveil their tactical blueprint for pinpointing and capitalizing on these emergent coastal hubs. By grasping these prospects early, significant capital appreciation is not just a possibility, but a tangible outcome. Delve into in-depth analyses of population surges, elevating household incomes, and promising rent averages in these regions. Embrace this golden chance to discover investment avenues promising robust returns, a balanced portfolio, and consistent revenue streams. Ensure your vanguard position in the real estate investment panorama by registering today.

  • Unveiling Florida's untapped real estate markets.
  • Exploring BLP's proprietary investment strategy.
  • Evaluating key economic indicators for growth.
  • Projecting attractive returns and diversification.
  • Navigating potential investment risks.

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  • Tom Pascarella

    Beach Life Properties

    Tom Pascarella serves as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Beach Life Properties. Tom has been in the asset management industry for over 20 years. He has a keen ability to recognize inefficiencies in a market and develop methods to capitalize on them. Through his private family office he invests in real estate and other asset classes. Tom has targeted downtown Manhattan where he focused on converting pre-war apartments into high end rentals. Consisting of market analysis, acquisition, architectural plans, construction, marketing, and property management. This experience has allowed him to become an expert in the syndication process for various asset classes and the ability to recognize high growth real estate markets. This real estate investment framework now serves as the foundation for Beach Life Properties LLC. Tom began his career at JGM Securities and Schonfeld Securities.


Beach Life Properties

Through our in-depth analysis, BLP has strategically targeted Florida’s Treasure Coast and Space Coast region, from Stuart up to Melbourne. This area is a leader among national and state averages for population growth, household income, and average rents. With immense developments in the area, we anticipate the Treasure Coast Region population to continue to expand, pushing the rental market even higher. As a result of these positive changes, we believe that investors in the Fund will benefit from dependable cash flow and upside potential.