The Case for Investing in Italian Real Estate

Hosted by Focus Investment Advisors
September 6, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

After 5 years of decline, housing prices began to stabilize in Italy. The highest increase year over year has registered in the fourth quarter. New dwellings also exhibited an increase during the quarter. The Real Estate Market continues to recover with signs of interest and growth across subsectors. In 2019 real estate investments in Italy came at Eur 12.3bn (+37% YoY), the highest number ever registered in the country. With the Euro at parity with the US Dollar, investors in lifestyle should consider adding an investment that makes financial sense to enhance their lifestyle. Americans have the luxury of a strong US Dollar and can take advantage of a luxury vacation destination while enjoying an exceptional investment opportunity.

  • New Flat Tax Regime
  • Historical exclusivity in a "Bio-Green" environment
  • Euro Valuation vs US Dollar
  • Tuscany Italy
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