Opening Remarks and Introduction:

Hosted by FLAIA
October 18, 2023
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET

Join us as Michael Corcelli, Chairman and Founder of FLAIA, sets the stage for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution. In this opening session, Michael will discuss the recent milestone partnership between FLAIA and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Solutions. This collaboration signifies the birth of FLAIA AI, a new era of AI solutions with over 70 applications that promise to revolutionize the investment industry by combining FLAIA's AI capabilities with Microsoft Azure's robust cloud technology.

Michael will elaborate on how FLAIA, as part of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, is poised to foster innovation, scale growth, and enable investment funds to expand worldwide. This partnership empowers FLAIA members to stay at the leading edge of technology, maximizing customer value, and expanding their value creation chain.

He will also discuss the benefits FLAIA members can expect to gain from this partnership, including access to resources such as discounted licensing, training, and opportunities to differentiate their organization's AI capabilities.

Michael will highlight the mission of FLAIA, which is to strengthen the global alternative investment industry by fostering an environment that encourages idea exchange, information sharing, and capital attraction. He will also touch on the importance of leveraging technology to enhance efficiencies, streamline operations, and discover lucrative investment opportunities. 

As AI continues to evolve, FLAIA and Microsoft Azure are committed to leading the way, delivering transformative AI solutions that redefine the future of the investment industry. Let's embark on this journey of discovery, innovation, and learning together.

  • Introduction of the FLAIA and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Solutions partnership.
  • Overview of 70+ transformative AI applications in the investment industry.
  • Highlight of benefits for FLAIA members, including resource access and training.
  • Discussion on FLAIA's mission to bolster the global alternative investment industry.
  • Emphasis on FLAIA and Microsoft Azure's commitment to advancing AI solutions.
  • Rethinking Cloud Strategies for Advanced AI
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  • Michael Corcelli

    Managing Member

    Mr. Corcelli is the Founder & Chairman of the FLAIA and has played a critical role in stablishing the vision and building the management team for the FLAIA. In addition to his work with the FLAIA, he is a Managing Partner at Alexander Alternative Capital, LLC based in Miami. Prior to joining Alexander Alternative Capital, Michael worked for UBS AG where he was responsible for portfolio management and tactical asset allocation for private clients of UBS Global Wealth Management & Business Banking. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami where he studied Business with a focus in Finance.



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