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A steady decline in real interest rates since the 1980s has made it exceedingly more difficult for investors to generate reliable streams of income from traditional bond investing. The notable return of market volatility in the wake of the unprecedented economic impact stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic has further inspired investors to rethink their approach to risk management and its implication for retirement readiness.

Consequently, investors have increasingly sought out alternative investment strategies for both generating the supplementary income needed to address their retirement and other cash-dependent needs and for navigating current market volatility.

Discussion Points:

Join the Nationwide & Harvest Volatility Management team, as they conduct an educational and interactive webcast with a live Q&A session discussing the following items:

  • The current market environment and the lower-for-longer yield outlook
  • Vulnerabilities and key risks inherent to traditional and alternative income-oriented strategies that have been highlighted by the recent market environment
  • The value proposition and potential use cases for the Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF (NUSI), an innovative new alternative solution that systematically targets high current income, in concert with the potential benefits of volatility reduction and downside risk mitigation
  • The benefits that investors may potentially derive from the exchange-traded fund (ETF) structure

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