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  • QOZ Portland
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Lane Lowry is a 31 year real estate entrepreneur and consultant providing creative techniques to maximize real estate project returns.

Lane and his team provide real estate acquisition, design, planning, development and management focused on wealth preservation and growth. Lane has completed hundreds of adaptive reuse, multifamily, and new home building projects including large land parcel development for merchant home building.

QOZ Portland is home to Acqua QOF Portland, managed by Lane Lowry, which began as a market rate multifamily development project before the legislation for opportunity zones was signed into law. Lane’s tireless research and leadership combined finance, operating and tax strategies to transform a project into a far more valuable investment.

Lane currently manages multiple real estate partnerships and opportunity zone assets. The combination of these many projects with the many changes in the legislative and tax environments make for a very exciting time to be in real estate. Lane enjoys sharing his insights and knowledge freely to assist sponsors and investors in creating more successful projects and after tax returns.

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