By Ygal Cohen & Steven Groslin, ASG Capital

Discussion Points:

  1. Introduction to the Subordinated Debt Market
  2. Main Presentation: Balance Sheet pays the Interest Coupon
  3. Main Presentation: Competitive Investment Advantage of Subordinated Debt
  4. Main Presentation: Possible Drawbacks for the Investor
  5. Main Presentation: Individual Positions or a Specialized Portfolio Conclusion: Why look to the Subordinated Debt Market as an Investment Solution?

Steven Groslin

Partner, Executive Board Member & Senior Portfolio Manager 

Steven Groslin Joined ASG Capital in January 2014. Prior to this, Steven spent over thirteen years trading Fixed Income for the Natixis Group in Paris. Before joining Natixis Steven worked for six years in Fixed Income lending in Paris and five years in Retail Banking in France and the UK.Steven Groslin has a Bachelor Degree in European Accounting and Finance from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and LeHavre/Caen Business School (France).

Ygal Cohen 

President & CEO, Founding, Managing Partner Executive Board Member & Senior Portfolio Manager

Ygal Cohen founded ASG Capital in July 2008 in Miami, USA.Prior to creating ASG Capital, Ygal spent over twelve years working for various Wall Street firms including Prudential-Wachovia Securities as a Director-Investments, and Jefferies Inc. as a Senior Vice President of Investments.Ygal was in charge of the Sales Trading Activities in the Preferred Securities, Subordinated Debt Market and Hybrid Corporates, in collaboration with the Syndicate and Trading Desks in NY & London. Ygal’s investment experience has been focused on Advising on a discretionary and non discretionary basis on Fixed Income instruments for Institutional Investors mainly in Europe (Pension Funds, Family Offices, Private Banks) and High Net Worth Individuals.Ygal has a Master’s Degree in Finance from Paris, IX Dauphine University(France). Married with 2 children. Passionate about Golf & Tennis.

ASG Capital

ASG Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Florida. Special focus is placed on Preferred Securities, Junior/Senior Subordinated Debt, Hybrid Securities, Contingent Convertible Bonds of Investment Grade Issuers. ASG’s Team Objective is to achieve Risk Adjusted Income Returns that are higher than Static Bond Portfolios.


ASG Capital’s Enhanced Income Fund

Subordinated securities are an integral part of the modern-day capital structure of many large corporations. They are a fundamental component for institutions to operate in the finance industry. In view of their strategic importance, these instruments offer interest returns two to three times higher than any traditional debt instrument.

ASG Enhanced Income Fund (LP) is a financial vehicle providing access to the subordinated debt securities market. Overseen and managed by experts in the field, the LP Fund will be invested on the subordinated debt instruments of large household corporations in a well- diversified portfolio.

By leveraging the interest premium available with this kind of security, the LP Fund gives investors a unique opportunity to obtain high recurring income returns that can be distributed on a quarterly basis.

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Hunting for Yield Returns, Why Look To The Subordinated Debt Market as an Investment Solution?”