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Slide Global Emerging Market Bonds
Aug 18 @ 1 pm
Slide Opportunities in Specialty Storage
Sept 8 @ 1 pm
Slide CRE - Credit Risk Considerations
Sept 15 @ 1 pm
Slide The Working-class Multifamily Market
Sept 17 @ 1 pm
Slide Boomerang Hard Money Loans ON DEMAND Slide Rethinking Retirement Readiness ON DEMAND Slide Assessing Specialty Finance ON DEMAND Slide Evaluating Distressed Debt in the CRE Arena ON DEMAND Slide JDMCC Hospitality OpEqFund ON DEMAND Slide Investing in Senior Housing ON DEMAND

Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt Forum 2020
Part VI

Digital Event on September 10, 2020

Virtual Events 2020

FLAIA’s digital events focuses on the intersection of direct lending and real estate as the opportunities offered for successful investing are abundant. We aim to provide a digital platform where different stakeholders can learn from key decision makers, build relationships and get capital flowing into their respective projects.

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Connect Alternative Investment fund managers, investors, service providers, and community members.


Inform members of the investment community of the value and opportunities that the Alternative Investment industry provides.


Establish a leading marketplace for Alternative Investments & Alternative Investment education.


Enable best of breed fund managers, deals & operating businesses to attract the right investment partners.


Advice stakeholder regarding regulatory and investment policy likely to impact the long-term solvency of the industry and its relative competitiveness.


Grow the global Alternative Investment industry.

By uniting forces, our collective power can help members of the GLOBAL Alternative Investment community achieve peak performance and greater long-term success.


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