“Generating Alpha & Providing Liquidity to America’s Aging Population”

By Michael E. Griffin (CEO) & Chris Erwin (Portfolio Manager) – HedgeACT

Discussion Points:

HedgeACT’s managers systematically select and purchase suitable life policies, assuming the repayment of the premiums, often until the maturity of the policy. As the policies mature, the value increases until the death benefit is realized. The asset class is uncorrelated to the markets and is an increasingly popular investment vehicle. As a first-mover, our clients benefit greatly from our experience and understanding of this growing market. This webcast will be co-hosted by a portfolio manager with over 15 years of experience in the life settlements industry.

1 – An introduction to the Life Settlements market

2 – The asset class has historically provided superior, risk adjusted returns, with little correlation to the public markets

3 – The institutionalization of life settlements and why now is the time to invest

4 – Why smaller funds outperform larger funds within this space

5 – What the COVID-19 pandemic means to life settlements

Michael E. Griffin – Founder & CEO

Michael E. Griffin has held executive level positions in the alternative investment management industry for the past 30 years. As the founder and CEO of HedgeACT, he is actively involved in the sourcing, research and due diligence of niche alternative strategies for the firm’s wealth management clients.

As an executive director for a British merchant bank hedge fund subsidiary, Michael was responsible for investor relations, operations, credit, finance and sourcing over $750 million in investor capital deployed in a fixed income arbitrage strategy. Leveraging his knowledge and experience, Michael subsequently founded a hedge fund administration firm which administered $35 billion in assets across more than 300 hedge and private equity fund clients. Michael’s experience and deep understanding of alternative fund strategies, structures and operations give him a unique perspective in building unique alpha generating products.

Since he founded it in 2010, Michael has grown HedgeACT to become an award-winning alternative investment advisor, with a presence in North America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. He continues to source and manage a wide range of alternative strategies to generate positive returns, even when the financial markets are declining.

Founded in 2010, HedgeAct have established themselves as an award-winning investment manager in the Alternatives market. Their role is to discover and manage niche strategies, designed to give above-average returns on a risk-adjusted basis, using uncorrelated assets. HedgeACT was an early-mover into the Life Settlements space and now has c. $140 million AUM invested in this growing asset class.