Webinar Topic: An Introduction to Investment in Commercial Aircraft

  1. Investor Market Trends
  2. Commercial Aircraft as an alternative to Fixed Income and Other Real Assets
  3. Attractive Fundamentals of Commercial Aircraft Investing
  4. Resilient Supply and Demand Characteristics
  5. Significant Market Opportunity Set
  6. Why aviation lending & leasing?
  7. Where does invest the opportunity in investment in commercial aircraft fit in a portfolio?
  8. What are the loss and recovery rates for Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificates (“EETCs”)?
  9. A fundamental overview of the Aerospace industry: size, performance, capital needs, drivers of growth and impact on global GDP?
  10. How does the value of aircraft perform in an economic downturn?
  11. What is the outlook for commercial aircraft demand?
  12. Why do airlines lease?

EnTrust Global is a diversified alternative investment firm that manages money for institutions and private investors worldwide. EnTrust Global offers broad investment strategy expertise – including opportunistic co-investments, private debt and real assets, multi-asset and multi-strategy portfolios, hedge fund strategies, and customized separate accounts. EnTrust Global’s commingled fund offerings span the liquidity spectrum from daily to quarterly to multi-year funds.

John Morabito, Managing Director

John Morabito is a Managing Director at EnTrust Global and serves as the Portfolio Manager of the firm’s Blue Sky Aviation strategy. Mr. Morabito joined EnTrust Global as a Managing Director in January 2018 with 17 years’ previous experience in the industry. Before joining the firm, Mr. Morabito was Head of the Financial Institutions Group at CIT Group where he was responsible for the Commercial Aviation segment and managing a global team of 15 investment professionals. Mr. Morabito holds a BA in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


An Introduction to Investment in Commercial Aircraft

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An Introduction to Investment in Commercial Aircraft