Email Are Still the All Time Pound for Pound, Digital Marketing Heavyweight Champ

Email has truly withstood the test of digital time and will likely continue to do so as the preferred method of communication among professionals. This means it’s a good way to reach prospects under a more professional environment and create personalized messages that cater to specific interactions and purchasing behavior.

  • More effective than social media (for customer acquisition)
  • Economic & cost effective
  • Personal & customizable
  • Action oriented
  • Measurable
  • Mobile devices allow people to check their email constantly
  • Reverse inquiries are the highest value leads

FLAIA Email Marketing Track Record

Private Fund Email marketing since in 2007

2 email platforms are used today

  • Constant Contact
  • Mailerlite

800 unique email campaigns

  • Over 50,000 leads generated
  • Over 10,000 appointments set
  • Over 25,000 reverse inquires generated
  • Over 1 billion dollars in assets raised

Our Results:


105, 321 Email Opens

1911 Clicks

84 Reverse Inquires

35 Appointments Set


92,371 Email Opens

965 Clicks

95 Reverse Inquires

50 Appointments Set


31,532 Email Opens

236 Clicks

50 Reverse Inquires

36 Appointments Set