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Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt Forum 2020 – Part V

Thank you to our Sponsors, Preqin, Millennium Trust, ApexOne Investment Partners, EnTrust Global, Off the Chain Capital, Boomerang Capital, & Safe Harbor Equity for helping us make this event possible. Without your support and guidance, we would not have been able to produce such a high quality and great event again. Thank you to all our FLAIA Members and the FLAIA Board for their support during these challenging times. It is amazing how our community has come together to provide Leadership during great uncertainty. I am proud to be a part of this great group!

Real Estate, Direct Lending and Private Debt are 3 legs of the alternative investment industry and over the past 10 years each of these legs have grown to have a much more profound impact on Main Street. Perhaps these 3 legs have been the hardest hit part of the overall alternative investment industry. Today, because of the lack of real time liquidity and real time price discovery this Forum is the most important conversation for global investors to join. Most investors have exposure to real estate through equity and credit vehicles and amid a crisis, no one has all the answers today. We are determined to bring clarity, truth, facts and experience from the front line by the most talented investment managers.

We are going to host this Digital Series in the Fall because it is so important for the conversation to continue, the Digital Real Estate, Direct Lending and Private Debt Webcast will be held on:
Part V – Tuesday & Wednesday, July 16th, 2020

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