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Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt Forum 2020 – Part IV

Thank you to our Sponsors, Preqin, Millennium Trust, ApexOne Investment Partners, EnTrust Global, Off the Chain Capital, Boomerang Capital, & Safe Harbor Equity for helping us make this event possible. Without your support and guidance, we would not have been able to produce such a high quality and great event again. Thank you to all our FLAIA Members and the FLAIA Board for their support during these challenging times. It is amazing how our community has come together to provide Leadership during great uncertainty. I am proud to be a part of this great group!

Real Estate, Direct Lending and Private Debt are 3 legs of the alternative investment industry and over the past 10 years each of these legs have grown to have a much more profound impact on Main Street. Perhaps these 3 legs have been the hardest hit part of the overall alternative investment industry. Today, because of the lack of real time liquidity and real time price discovery this Forum is the most important conversation for global investors to join. Most investors have exposure to real estate through equity and credit vehicles and amid a crisis, no one has all the answers today. We are determined to bring clarity, truth, facts and experience from the front line by the most talented investment managers.

We are going to host this Digital Series Monthly because it is so important monthly for the next 4 months, the Series of Digital Real Estate, Direct Lending and Private Debt Webcast will be held on the following dates.
Part IV – Tuesday & Wednesday, June 23rd & 24th


June 23rd

10 AM Overview of the Alternative Investment Industry

  • Jesse Fahy, VP – Private Capital Funds, Preqin

10:30 AM Opportunities in Real Estate & Direct Lending

  • Eduardo Alves, Director, Risk Services, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Nick Eskandari, Founder & Chairman, Keybridge Fund
  • Rob Jafek, Principal, Boomerang Capital
  • Eric Newman, Treasury Manager & Trustee, City of Stamford


  • Jonathan Molchan, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Harvest Volatility Management

12 PM Structuring Trends: Creating a Win / Win for General Partners & Investors

  • Matt Kramer, Partner, Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial
  • Lane Lowery, Fund Manager, Acqua QOF Portland
  • Bruno Peixoto, Partner, BP Tax Advisory
  • Mike Mangione, Director, Family Office and Advisor Relations, Group RMC
  • Demian Waldman, Managing Partner, Confidas Capital LLC

1 PM Ticking Debt Bomb: Opportunities in Non-Performing Residential Loans (NPLs)

  • Bill Bymel, Managing Director, Spurs Capital LLC & First Lien Capital LP

1:30 PM Impact of COVID-19 on Collateral Values

  • Jeffrey Marron, CEO, Sheridan Asset Management, LLC
  • Brett Hickey, Founder & CEO, Start Mountain Capital
  • Peter Lowden, Managing Director and Co-Portfolio Manager, Prime Meridian Capital Management LLC
  • Lance Etcheverry, Founder, Flat Creek Capital Management
  • Karl Douglas, Chief Investment Officer, Insight Family Office

2:30 PM Insurance-Linked Investment Opportunities Amid Volatile Markets

  • Richard Beleutz, Managing Director, AIR Asset Management
  • Scott Romanek, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, AIR Asset Management

3:00 PM Real Estate Development & Land Acquisition

  • Elizabeth Furber, Managing Partner, High Street Advisors LP
  • Eric Berman, Chief Investment Officer, Lifeafar
  • Artem Milinchuk, CEO, FarmTogether
  • Federico Cerdas, Co-Founder, Cobra Development Fund

Closing Remarks

  • Rainford Knight, FIF, Founder & Chairman

June 24th

10 AM Real Estate Impact Investing: Developing Communities for Florida’s Workforce

  • Nick Rojo, President & Co-Founder, Affiliated Development

10:30 AM Special Situations Post COVID-19 -NPL, Real Estate & Other Distressed Opportunities

  • Amanda Jogia, Co-Founder & CEO, PrimeAlpha
  • Brian Prenoveau, Director Investor Relations & SEC Compliance, Safe Harbor Equity
  • Karen Gados, Managing Partner, Pikes Peak Capital
  • Adrian Leon, Relationship Manager, Guggenheim Partners Latin America
  • Rick Sharga, President & CEO, CJ Patrick Company, LLC

11:30 AM Opportunities In Emerging Market Debt

Guillermo Bauder, Managing Director, Clarion Asset Management

12 PM Multi Family, Retail & Hospitality ( Post COVID-19)

  • Chrystalle Anstett, Sound Mark Partners, Head of Capital Formation
  • Joseph DeMatteo, President, JDM Capital
  • Ernest Johnson, Partner & Executive Managing Director, ApexOne Investment Partners
  • Tony Barkan, Founder & CEO, Allagash Partners
  • Peter Foran, Executive VP – Portfolio Management, Pine Tree LLC


1 PM Global Economic Outlook

  • Torsten Slok, Chief International Economist, Deutsche Bank

1:30 PM FLAIA Marketplace

  • Michael Corcelli, Founder & Chairman, FLAIA
  • Rainford Knight, PhD, Board Member, FLAIA
  • Jeffrey Mejia, Executive Director, FLAIA
  • Jeremy Johnson, Head of FinTech

2:30 PM Operational Excellence In Lending

  • Elizabeth Morales, Chief Marketing Officer, The Mortgage Office

3 PM Private Debt & Direct Lending: Capturing Opportunities in New Issues or the Playing the Secondary Market

  • Michael D’Onofrio, Managing Director, Engineered Tax Services
  • Brock Freeman, Managing Partner, Kirkland Capital Group
  • Camilo Niño, Partner & CEO, LinkVest Capital
  • Tim Sacks, Chief Investment Officer, Angulus Capital Management, LLC
  • Stephan de Sabrit, Managing Partner, Leste

Closing Remarks

  • Rainford Knight, FIF, Founder & Chairman

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