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Brickell Analytics correctly predicted  a 362% move in Opko. On March 29th when Opko (OPK) was $1.40, we said it would bottom at $1, and then surge to $10. On April 3rd, OPK bottomed at $1.1171. Since then, OPK has rallied and hit a 52 week high of $6.47. See our analysis below

What if Covid-19 is more contagious, but less deadly than the flu? / Did Coronavirus arise from Influenza C?

Commentary and charts attached highlights below:
  • Our background explained
  • COVID-19 Structure
  • Is Coronavirus similar to the Influenza C?
  • What if Covid-19 is that mild influenza C that does indeed cause a human flu pandemic with a lower mortality rate than the regular flu?
  • So the problem is not Corona, but the actual measures taken to fight Corona and whether the wave of pessimism that started at the record-highs can be reversed
  • Standardizing Covid-19 testing could become big business for OPK

Corona vs Influenza C

By way of background, in 2002, we launched a time-release nutritional supplements business in collaboration and partnership with a Swiss company. We researched, formulated, and developed approximately two dozen products in timed-release pill form and we also conducted bioavailability studies on some of these formulations. In 2013, we evolved the company into a research organization whose objective is to study the effects of nutritional supplements in-vitro against pathogens and human cancer cell lines. Between 2013 and 2016, we conducted six in-vitro studies: one at a lab in Tustin, CA and the other five at a lab in Birmingham, AL. In our first study in California, our objective was to determine whether riboflavin was a bacteriostatic agent. In our five in-vitro studies in Birmingham, we successfully burst six different human cancer cell lines using various different nutritional supplements, some proving to be stronger than others.

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