Brickell Quant Signals Outperforms both SPX & Oil in 2020

Brickell SPX quant model is flat for 2020, while the SPX is down -20%, performance below.


Brickell’s Oil quant model has gained 75% in 2020, while oil is down -67%, see performance below.

The Brickell SPX & Oil quant models are programmed using three inputs with the objective of outperforming the S&P and Oil, during volatile and/or zig-zag type of market environments, such as in 2011, 2015, 2018, and 2020.

The models generate a daily directional signal, either LONG or SHORT, at the end of each trading day. The signal is then sent to subscribers by email between 4pm and 8pm, during trading days.

Although subscribers receive a daily signal, the signals are NOT day trading signals; they don’t flip-flop. Instead, the signals have been programmed to capture medium-to-longer term trends.

Please see below for Quantitative Signals – April 1,2020:




Isaac Gilinski – Brickell Analytics, LLC

Isaac Gilinski is the Founder and Head of Research for Brickell Analytics LLC, a global-macro research service based on contrarian analysis. The firm, established in 2011, has programmed two quantitative models with a nine-year track record, one on the S&P 500 and the other one on oil. Our second service is comprised of technical commentary that uses the handwriting technique on charts to forecast the direction of the macro markets. The forecast combines Elliott waves, sentiment, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and proprietary tools (see theories & indicators) to generate price targets. Brickell Analytics’ research has been used and is used by hedge fund managers, investors, family offices, mutual funds, registered reps, and registered investment advisers.

Brickell Analytics’ trade ideas are executed in a fund or in SMAs at Broadmark Asset Management LLC, a top-down macro manager that rejects traditional buy and hold investing. Since 1999, Broadmark has tactically adjusted equity market exposure avoiding the two major drawdowns.




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